1. A striking window display

A well-lit window with a thoughtfully composed display will allow potential customers to see what products you stock. It should be eye-caching, but avoid the temptation to clutter too many items in there at once. Pick the most popular, or goods which are currently on offer, to entice people inside. Everyone loves a bargain.


2. Take influence from the experts

Have a browse of some famous stores in big cities, who will employ specialist visual merchandisers to arrange their window dressing. Often you will find they create a theme, whether around the ‘brand story’, a local tradition, or just seasonal or celebrative imagery for topical events.


3. Don’t forget after hours

People still browse along shopping streets even after closing time, so it is important to keep your store looking attractive at night time. Consider installing perforated roller shutters, which allow the backlit shop floor to be viewed by passersby. Keeping the store partially visible will discourage graffiti and keep the street a welcoming place to be.


4. Create a brand identity

Even if you can’t afford to pay expensive graphic designers, a simple but interesting logo and clear bold signage will help to make an impression on customers. Try to keep colour schemes consistent, and stick to a palette of two to three colours to make it memorable. Keep any paintwork, windows and display boards clean and fresh looking.


5. Include a ‘call to action’

To tempt customers who are just enjoying the vibe of the high street with no particular purchase in mind, a strong ‘call to action’ message on your shopfront can give them impetus to switch from a browser to a buyer! Think about what unique services or products you have to offer, that aren’t easily found elsewhere. A little humour usually works well.


6. Get involved with social media

Once you have your attractive shopfront in place, there is no need to solely rely on footfall. Social media is made for strong visual imagery, so take some good clear pictures on a sunny day and get them uploaded to some online networking platforms. Include details of your business name and address, and any offers and deals you currently have on.


7. Think three-dimensional

Customers rarely approach your shopfront head-on, so you also need to make sure side walls, recesses, and door wells are well-lit and attractive. Get creative with posters, lighting, and brand identity to make sure your shop looks good from every angle.

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