There are different specifications, but all roller shutters consist of a vertical rolling door system, made up of horizontal laths forming a curtain. They also have side guides, a bottom rail and a canopy. They are classified as a machine which requires a service and maintenance routine.  However, most shutters are very straightforward to look after.


Solid Roller Shutters

For commercial buildings which store valuable stock and equipment, solid roller shutters are a safe option to protect from theft and vandalism. They also provide insulation from heat and noise. Shutters are manufactured in steel or aluminium, to a range of sizes, up to a maximum of 12 metres, and are available to suit a range of budgets.


Roller shutters can be operated via remote control, making them ideal for warehouses and loading-bays where there is frequent stock transfer. The doors retract unobtrusively overhead, making loading and delivery procedures more efficient. Doors with integrated pedestrian entrances allow for foot traffic without a full door retraction.


Perforated Roller Shutters

Perforated lath roller shutters are most commonly used in shopping malls and the high street, where the retail premises can be secured whilst allowing the backlit shop floor to be viewed by customers, who still browse even after business hours. They can be made from steel or aluminium, and operated either manually or via an electronic opening system. 


They are available in a range of colours and finishes to provide a solution that is both secure and aesthetically pleasing. They do not obstruct airflow, so the premises will stay well-ventilated at all times. Perforated shutters are a lightweight and attractive alternative to solid roller shutters, and are less prone to graffiti.


Steel Grilles

Steel grilles are commonly used for extra security on entry/exit systems for shopping malls and underground carparks, where it is important to maintain ventilation. Grilles can be made to specification, with a parallel mesh design and a polyester powder coated finish. They retract unobtrusively, and can be customised to fit in with existing colour schemes.


Brickbond Grilles

Brickbond rolling grilles are standard fittings for bars or servery counters, to allow for maximum visibility, whilst protecting stock. They can be operated via a spring-loaded mechanism, or electronically, with a manual override option. A brickbond grille in a licensed premises is an effective way of indicating if you are closed or open for business.


Punched Lath Roller Shutters

Punched lath roller shutters are multi-purpose shutters, ideal for shop fronts, counters, reception desks and bars. They can be engineered to achieve differing levels of visibility, depending on your security requirements. The shutters can be operated electronically, or with a manual key lock system, and can be powder coated to provide a range of finishes.


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