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How Will Shopping Change After The Lockdown?

The government has unveiled its plans to ease lockdown, which includes the re-opening of non-essential stores.

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How Will Shopping Change After The Lockdown?

Our high street shopping experiences seem to feel like a thing of the past during the coronavirus pandemic, and once the lockdown restrictions have been lifted, will it ever feel the same again?

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Dramatic Fall In UK Retail Sales Recorded

Monthly retail sales in UK stores took a dramatic dip in March, as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic and the government guidance from 23 March 2020 that the majority of stores should close their doors to the public.

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Lockdown Exit Could See Return To Work By End Of May

The government has promised to set out a roadmap for easing the lockdown restrictions by 8 May, but for many Brits, it is difficult to imagine how things can return to normal, or if at all.

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Tesco Records 30% Rise In Sales During Stockpiling Panic

The majority of retailers across the country have had to shut their doors while the country remains in lockdown. However, shops selling ‘essential goods’ have been allowed to remain open, so the public can continue to purchase food, medication and other necessary everyday items.

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